94 # Aug - Nov 2015 Vol 24-2

94 #  Aug - Nov 2015 Vol 24-2
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93 May-Aug 2015 Vol24-1

93 May-Aug 2015 Vol24-1
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23-4 #92 Feb-May 2015

23-4 #92 Feb-May 2015
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Well thought out, for the 'man of the land'!

JR Bayley, Cheltenham

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'Can do' methods that: ... save time ... reduce risks ...
cut costs
... work faster ... cut fuel ... raise efficiency ...
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Fork lift on front linkage issue 23-3, Gas strut tip ATV trailer; Drinking pal; Waterproof rat baiter; Ifor Williams trailer conversion carries 100 bales 22-3
Practical Farm Ideas has always been in front of the curve - grass aerators in 1992; front mounted equipment like buckrakes, cultivators, presses in 1993; biogas in 2006; cover cropping 2012. 

Soil with poor organic content; Three years into soil improvement; Home designed plant population calculator;  Conventional land doesn't drain well; Comparison of nine different direct drills (2014 harvest) 

Across the globe farmers are successfully tackling the problems of deteriorating soil conditions with the use of plants and biology in addition to conventional chemical methods. This section provides details on these methods.


Since 1992 we have featured an incredible 4,200 workshop projects. This website can direct you to the ones you need to know about. It's a valuable resource for all farmers. Details of every issue published can be seen on this site.

Research in Oct 2013 showed 98.4% of subscribers keep their copies or hand them to another farmer.

Some want every copy as an encyclo-paedia. Others want to download the feature they need. They find what they want by going to one of the sections. Or they use the search box on the right hand part of each page.

Offers and bonus deals provide huge savings.

Free reports and articles, and free magazine downloads are always available.

Practical Farm Ideas is the only magazine that focusses on methods and innovations devised by farmers. The only farm magazine with no advertising, making it truly independent from farm suppliers.


Rust releasing idea highly effective
Workshop miracle: for shifting rusted bolts, pulleys, bearing races. It's more effective than any penetrating fluid...  click above to find out!


GRAIN PARTITIONING can be made using 8 x 4 timber panels and used panels from building sites don't cost too much. This 99p report shows how one farmers has made panels for his farm


Our 9 page Successful Mole Control report gives you all the information you need. Five special tips on how to set the trap.

Mole control




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Please take time to look at this short video clip, which illustrates the kind of innovation we feature in Practical Farm Ideas.


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     There were many reasons why I started Practical Farm Ideas magazine. In 1977, after ten years in London with both the EIU and the Financial Times my wife and I became dairy farmers, and built up our herd over the next 22 years. I soon realised that profitable farming was more than taking advice from sales reps, and got into low cost farming, using the workshop to make and adapt equipment for myself. In 1991 I won the Farmers' Brainwaves Gold Medal at the Bath & West show. Bringing everyone's ideas into a single place seemed a good idea, and I thought that these novel ideas, not manufacturered but made in workshops, would appeal to many farmers. In 1992 I started this magazine and have been producing it ever since.
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