102# August - November 2017 Vol 26-2

102#  August - November 2017  Vol 26-2
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101 # May - August 2017 Vol 26-1

101 # May - August 2017 Vol 26-1
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100 # Feb - May 2017 Vol 25-4

100 # Feb - May 2017 Vol 25-4
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I have subscribed to 11 magazines, of which 9 have something to do with farming. The only one I'm savouring from cover to cover is Practical Farm Ideas. The fact that these ideas are from collegues in a somehow similar situation, that they have been realised under farm workshop conditions and have really proven their usefulness in the daily challenge of practical farming, gives your magazine a value I have never found anywhere before. I think your publication should be a must for any farmer who has more in his toolbox than a hammer, chisel and vice grip!

Richard K.Auler, Republic of Ireland

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Image for 66 - Vol 17 - Issue 2 - Summer 2008

66 - Vol 17 - Issue 2 - Summer 2008

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For many years I thought "If we farmers could share our successful ideas and tell each other about the things which work and those that don't, we'd all be better off.", and in 1992 I did something about it. Farmers used to share ideas - in the mart, farm sale, on the farm walk. Today there are far fewer opportunities as managers become tractor drivers and farmers need all day to get their work done. Yet, with the pace of change in farm technology and economics, there's an even greater need to share information and ideas than before.

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