103# Nov 2017 - Feb 2018 Vol 26-3

103#  Nov 2017 - Feb 2018  Vol 26-3
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102# August - November 2017 Vol 26-2

102#  August - November 2017  Vol 26-2
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101 # May - August 2017 Vol 26-1

101 # May - August 2017 Vol 26-1
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Thank you for letting me know.  I would also like to let you know that your magazine is very popular with our students.  Many of the students at this school are from a rural farming background and it has been fantastic to have some reading material that appeals to them, particularly the more reluctant readers.

Mrs Kathryn Durkan,    LRC Manager,      John Port School



John Port School, Derbyshire

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103# Nov 2017 - Feb 2018 Vol 26-3

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Practical Farm Ideas contents Nov 2017
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Farmer in hospital after this wheel fell on him, took 18 months for recovery. Decided not to handle wheels manually again and made a wheel changer.

Works as well in field - where you get the punctures. No caster wheels.

So good the local engineers are now making it as part of their range.

Positive story. Removes risk.


Cub Cadet (identical to Massey 20MD) carries this link box which was made to move calves which are all born in the field.

Box has clever arm which goes over ball hitch.


Mobile feed trough folds out to 24ft


Farmer has made two, one for in-calf heifers and the other for calves

Chemical store made from old oil tank.

Locks with a padlock

Useful idea for big farm where deliveries can be made and secured.

Better than delivering directly into chem store when it's difficult to check

Umbilical is not just for contractors says our contributor who gives his reasons - and a demo!

Practical Ideas for Practical Farmers

"PS keep up the good work. It is one of our favourite farming magazines along with the south east farmer. We have found the two main national magazines to hold less and less relevant to us but yours is always one that gets read multiple times by us and we enjoy very much."  from farmer Sam Kington when renewing on Oct 31, 2017


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